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Giving our clients access to the most motor coach buses, shuttle buses & minibuses in The Bay Area. Check out some of the amenities offered on the buses.

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Please take a look at the details of some of the most modern buses in the Bay Area.

  • The MCI Bus

    35 - 36 Passengers Charter Bus

    Comfortable Seating, Lavatories, Extra Luggage Room, Flat Screen TVs

    The MCI bus in designed for long distance travel and large group transportation. The J model is the most common bus in the United States and features some of the most comfortable amenities.

  • The Setra Bus

    40 - 56 Passenger Charter Bus

    Luxurious Leather Seating, HD TVs, Luggage-Friendly, Lavatories

    The Setra bus features similar amenities as the MCI but is considered on the high end of the bus market. This bus is also used for long distance and group transportation.

  • The MiniBus

    10 - 25 Passengers

    Surround Sound, Ac

    The minibus is ideal for local transportation and shuttles. Although it is not used for long distance transportation, it features many of the same amenities as the larger coach buses.


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