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Rent a charter bus to explore Mountain View, California in style and comfort. With thousands of satisfied customers and a record of 0 accidents, San Francisco Charter Bus Company is the best option for your next group trip around part of Silicon Valley. To learn more, call our reservation staff any time at 415-830-8790!

Need more proof? Check out our top 10 reasons you should charter a bus in Mountain View:

1. Consolidate your travel fees.

Renting multiple cars or booking airfare can quickly add up when traveling in a large group. Booking a motorcoach can often cost less per person for large group trips. Even if you’re traveling from nearby locations San Mateo or Fremont, a motorcoach can be a cost-efficient travel option.

2. Personalize every part of your travel schedule.

Instead of waiting for public transportation and being limited to a predetermined travel schedule, set your own itinerary with a motorcoach rental. Your driver will ensure you arrive according to your personal schedule and are able to visit as many sightseeing stops like the Googleplex or Computer History Museum along the way as you’d like.

3. Always travel in style and comfort.

Take your group to tour attractions throughout Mountain View and the surrounding area in a luxury motorcoach. With modern amenities like WiFi, reclining seats, onboard restrooms, power outlets, TVs, and the more, you’ll ride comfortably with friends, family, business colleagues, or any other travel group.

4. Stay together the entire trip.

Don’t rely on carpooling and ride-sharing apps like Uber which divide passengers into multiple vehicles. Rent a charter bus so no one arrives late, gets lost, or fails to arrive at all. Spend your time socializing or preparing for an event with your group, rather than focusing on the transportation. Our reservation specialists will get you a free quote and answers to any of your rental questions. Call 415-830-8790 anytime!

5. Leave the Mountain View traffic to your driver.

Enjoy the city while your driver navigates the streets of Mountain View for you. They’ll plan out the most efficient route to your destination, ensuring you arrive safely and promptly. Have fun, socialize, play games, and check out the views without having to worry about parking. With your own charter bus, you can focus on enjoying your trip, not the transportation logistics.

6. Rest and relaxation come first.

Unlike most road trips by car, bus transportation allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Spend quality time with the people around you, catch up on rest, or even enjoy your bus’s onboard amenities. Instead of worrying about getting lost or getting stuck in rush hour traffic on Highway 101, relax and chat with your friends, family, or colleagues.

7. You’ll have a knowledgeable driver.

San Francisco Charter Bus Company works with experienced, professional drivers to give you an expert travel experience. Many of the drivers in our network are local to their service area, meaning they’ll have a wealth of knowledge to provide during your travels. Don’t hesitate to ask your driver for local suggestions around the Mountain View area. Whether you need a restaurant or shopping suggestion, your driver will do their best to give you insider travel tips.

8. Modern business travel options.

Keep business running as usual even while traveling to a conference, trade show or convention in Mountain View. Your team can stay connected with onboard WiFi and power outlets upon request when you reserve your charter bus. You’ll be able to prepare conference materials, hold important online meetings, send emails to clients, or conduct any other business while on the road.

9. We always prioritize safety.

We exclusively charter buses that meet or exceed California’s Department of Transportation safety standards. Along with satisfaction, our customers’ well-being is put above all else. Travel with confidence and assurance when you book a coach with San Francisco Charter Bus Company.

10. Never worry about lost luggage.

Carpooling, rideshare apps, and air travel can lead to issues like lost luggage or restricted space for belongings. Renting a charter bus to Mountain View will help avoid these common travel issues.

On your reserved charter bus, you’ll have extensive storage space for personal items, luggage, and even oversized equipment. Keep large items secure in undercarriage luggage bays while small items can be safely stored in overhead luggage racks. Don’t worry about having to leave important luggage or equipment at home, you’ll have all the space you need onboard your charter bus.

Chat with our team 24/7 at 415-830-8790 to get a free quote on your next bus trip in the Bay Area!

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