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Cupertino is a quiet town in Santa Clara County with plenty to do and a lot to offer. No matter what occasion brings you to this charming Bay-Area town, you’ll enjoy a smooth and easy trip when you rent a charter bus with San Francisco Charter Bus Company!


Check out our top 10 reasons you should charter a bus in Cupertino below:

1. You Won't Have To Worry About Car Rental Fees.

Car rentals fees and expenses can be a hassle when you're traveling. Instead of relying on a rental to get you where you need to go, look into hiring a motorcoach. Motorcoach rentals typically cost less per person than cars, making them a more affordable option. With San Francisco Charter Bus Company, you'll receive a straightforward rate when you call us at 408-216-7360.

2. You Pick Where You Go, And When.

Public transportation in Cupertino can be limited at times. For the places that the Valley Transportation Authority can't take you, a San Francisco Charter Bus Company motorcoach is more than capable of accommodating you. Make your way through Cupertino at your leisure when you hire a private motorcoach with us. You can even take a trip to the Apple Headquarters and get an up-close look at the dynamics behind one of the world's most innovative companies.

3. Amenities Are Industry-leading.

Motorcoaches reserved through us come with some great amenities. You’ll choose from options such as reclining seats, TV monitors, a DVD player, and even a restroom. WiFi and power outlets are also available for traveling groups who wish to stay connected while on the road.

4. Your Group Can Travel Together.

Nothing is worse than a separated group during travel. Most ride-sharing apps and taxis aren't able to accommodate groups larger than 5 people. If you rent a charter bus you're able to keep everyone together with ease.

5. Your Driver Will Handle The Hassle Of Traffic And Parking.

When was the last time you went somewhere fun and didn't have to drive? When you book with us, your private charter bus will be operated by a professional driver that will relieve you of the driving responsibility. The next time you want to ride to the Ridge Vineyards with friends, look into renting a shuttle so you can indulge as much as you like.

6. You Can Relax And Take In The Sights.

When you're constantly driving, you rarely pay attention to the sights around you. California has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, and it's a shame more drivers aren't able to enjoy it. When you ride with San Francisco Charter Bus Company, you're at liberty to take a look around you and appreciate all of the beauty.

7. You'll Have A Knowledgeable Driver.

San Francisco Charter Bus Company only works with highly-respected, intelligent drivers that know their way around the city. Cupertino can be confusing to navigate at times, but you'll never have to worry about getting lost with San Francisco Charter Bus Company.

8. Business Professionals Can Stay Connected.

If you're an executive or employee on a business trip, you don't have to worry about losing access to your network when on a bus. We are able to book buses that come equipped with WiFi and power outlets so you're never disconnected from the internet and your business.

9. Safety Is Our Top Priority.

All of the buses we reserve have been fully inspected to match the industry standard, and any drivers we work with have been vetted to ensure a safe trip. You may not know who your driver is when taking public or alternative forms of transportation, but you can rest assured that San Francisco Charter Bus Company knows exactly who and what you're riding with.

10. Your Luggage And Equipment Stays With You.

When you're riding in multiple cars, it's easy to lose track of your luggage. When you reserve a coach through San Francisco Charter Bus Company, you're able to keep your bags closeby, with either overhead storage or storage below the cabin. Never lose sight of your bags again when you book a minibus.


Get a quote for your upcoming trip by chatting with us anytime at 408-216-7360!

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